An update on our services

Just a little update on what has been happening at in the last few months!

You may have noticed that we recently released our new domain checker for searching whether a domain is available. We are really proud of the features that we have added, and the speed that we have been able to show availability for domain names with. The new domain checker is designed to help check availability in bulk, generate larger volumes of suggestions for great domain names and generally help with domain name research. The below video shows how it works using different search methods:

Watch the video here.

If you are looking for a new area of investment and have keywords in mind we recommend you enter these into our availability checker, click on the search suggestions arrow and start exploring available names.

Over the past six months we have added or improved a number of other features such as our renewal and transfer management tools, you can see these in action if you scroll down after following this link.

We are committed to continuing to improve our platform and have set our goal to "Make Domains Simple Again". We really do welcome your feedback on how we can make things easier for you so if you have suggestions please do reach out to our support team.

Thanks for your continued support!